Art Studios available for Rent

We are now posting our available listings on

If you'd like to be added to our waiting list, take a look at the sidebar to the left and send me an email with the info requested. I'll get in touch as soon as something opens up.

519 Art Studios: we have another art building that sometimes has additional studios for rent - here's a link for 519 Art Studios.

details for renting space in this art building:
All utilities and NNN* are included in the rent except where noted; wifi access is +$5/mo (for low demand use only). 1 year lease required with first/last/$200 key deposit. Kitchenette, bathroom & phone on each floor. 24-hour access, (work space only, not live/work).

The building is located on the edge of the International District, 1 mile east of downtown Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. The 7 & 14 buses stop close by, plus the new streetcar stops a block away. There's also usually plenty of free parking in the neighborhood around the building.

This is an active visual art building, and we usually have one or two open house events per year which are very well attended - so there can be some good opportunities for your work to be seen by the public.


* NNN (triple net) is a term used in commerical leases, refering to additional fees that are often charged separately on top of the rent. These fees include a share of property taxes, building insurance, and water/sewer. You always want to ask about NNN fees when renting a studio, because they can be a lot more than you may expect, and they can be increased with no warning. NNN fees are included in the rent for our building, so there are no surprises.

Waiting List
To be added to our waiting list for either building send an email with the info below and I'll get in touch if a space becomes available.

please include:
- your name & phone number
- your website address
- what materials you work with
(oil, acrylic, collage, etc)
- minimum sq/ft you need
- max. price you can handle
- ideal start date

Jaq Chartier
(206) 245-8598